Friday, 7 May 2010

Wedding Bells

**My own Engagement Ring!**

With my upcoming wedding in the next year I have decided my first cluster of themed reading will do with the big day! I have a list of over thirty books to get through that are both fiction, essays, histories, and wedding planning. The vast amount of books on wedding planning helped me make this decision. Also my guilty pleasure of chick lit which almost always deals with dating, weddings, or divorce.

When I first got engaged in November I promised myself I would only buy this one wedding planning book. I have certainly broken this promise thanks to swaptree and amazon. However, if I was going to buy one book the first one I bought could walk me through the entire wedding planning process. It is The Knots Book of Wedding Lists created by the pentacle of wedding planning websites created by Carley Roney. I live by lists. So this book is my ultimate dream. Each chapter is broken down into a different aspect of the wedding such as flowers, reception, ceremony, etc. There are also side notes that give tips on how things such as "Five Alternatives to Veils" or "Ways to Save." My personal favorite page is the complete budget breakdown by percentages. This gave me the starting point for me to create a wedding budget. There are also helpful illustration and fun facts scattered throughout the books. As far as wedding books go I give it five stars!


  1. I am so going to live by your tips and all the wedding materials you will hopefully pass on to me :) when its my time!

  2. This book sounds like it will definitely help me - I am SO not a list person normally...

    On a side note, I can't wait to see the list of books... I am also a major chick lit addict and these books sound verrrrrrry interesting!