Sunday, 11 July 2010

Trade #30!!!

I cannot lie... I have an obsession when it comes to obtaining books. It is nearly as strong as my desire to read. Buying books from used bookstores, haunting BAM and B&N, raiding my libraries book sale closet, amazon, and my favorite for new books overstock are some of my most used methods for obtaining books. However, for about six months I have found a whole new way to feed my little problem....

It is called Swaptree is web service where one can exchange books, CDs, DVDs, and video games. Each user creates a unique account that manages two lists a have list for books one owns that they want to trade, and a wants list for books they would like to receive in trade. When a trade is initiated (it can be two or three way) it is approved by all parties involved. Once that happens the address the item you are sending is given, and you ship the item for about two to three dollars using media mail. When the item is received you rate the user that sent you the item on promptness, conditions, etc. I have only had three negative experiences with two damaged items, and one item I sent that got lost in the mail that has not been found to this day. It is a great way to get rid of books that I don't want anymore for books that I really really want that are not circulating in the library system. The trick is to have double the amount of items on your want list than on your have list. Everyone should check out the website and happy trading!

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