Wednesday, 8 June 2011

So Why Can't I Register at Barnes and Noble?

          Edward and I have put the cart before the horse a bit last year by buying a house together before having a wedding. Therefore, I was a little leery about registering for a ton of house stuff.  (I mean really we only have so much room in our closets that are already full.)  Plus the idea of telling people what to buy us is a little odd.   For weeks we have been brainstorming what is a little ratty that needs replacing plus items we cannot live without.  This does include some very well used items from my college dorm days.  It was a relief to see all the cool places now that do have registries such as and  We could even register for a honeymoon!  How cool is that?  

            We did think that we would register at REI online, but realized that Edward has already accumulated all the camping equipment we both need plus some for a party of ten in the wilderness.  I have not received all the books that I want, but I thought it rude to ask if I could register at Barnes and Noble.  So we will probably compromise with the old stand by Bed, Bath, and Beyond plus a few other places yet to be determined.  Here are my top five favorite items that will probably appear on my registry from Bed, Bath, and Beyond.

The Keurig Mini-Plus in Red even matches our Kitchen!  

We have a very old and funky colored Duvet it is time for new bedding.
(Although I doubt Edward will let me get this one.)

This Cuisinart Blender/Food Processor Combo is perfect to save space
We have these older metal hangers that need to be replaced with this no slip variety.
These are very much needed with Edward's abuse and the age of our current collection.

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