Sunday, 5 June 2011

Sweet Sweet Summertime

         This weekend, Edward and I celebrated the first week of Mississippi heat with an impromptu crawfish boil in our backyard.  We decided to go on minimal and only serve the crawfish with the things that go in the pot such as mushrooms, sausage, garlic, asparagus, and whatever else struck our fancy.  Saturday morning I decided we needed something sweet to go with the mud bugs.  So I pulled out my new cupcake book called Who You Callin' Cupcake? by Michelle and Vinny Garcia.  I purchased the book because of all the alternative flavors such as earl grey, peanut butter bacon, and even tequila sunrise.  I decided to try their recipe for lemon blackberry cupcakes because nothing says summer more than blackberries.  (Well beside maybe watermelon.)

          However, their actual lemon cupcake recipe looked delicious but very time consuming.  Not to mention contained a point of butter.  So I substituted their recipe for lemon cake mix out of the box with a package of lemon pudding.  I added the lemon pudding so when I chopped up the blackberries and put it in the batter the blackberry pieces would not sink straight to the bottom.  I did follow their cream cheese frosting recipe only adding more lemon zest to play up the lemon portion of the cupcake.  With the 1/4 white chocolate the frosting turned out delicious and did not run like other cream cheese recipes I have tried.  I was even able to make a cute little dollop on the top by putting the frosting in a gallon zip lock and cutting a nickel size hole in the corner.  My past few baking attempts have not been successful on my part, but these turned out perfect!

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