Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Is it Possible? Has my centerpiece finally been found?

         One trouble I have had with reception decor is what I wanted my centerpieces to look like.  They would be seen by everyone at the reception, and need to be able to portray a particular theme for my reception.  At first I wondered about an overall theme, but that was slow to come as well.  I even found that a little challenging, eventually coming up with a vintage reception playing on the wedding tradition of something borrowed and blue.  There is also the challenge of the size of our tables.  They are beautiful finished dark wood tables that only seat four per table.  Therefore, a small/short centerpiece is all that is necessary.  I battled with the idea of a floral centerpiece due to the price tag and potential cheesiness factor.  

          My home girl, Martha Stewart knew what I needed before I even did!  This weekend, I received my copy of Martha Stewart Wedding.  Within the pages of the "DIY" edition I found a picture that of a table scape that made that little lightbulb in my head light up!

*This is the image in this month's MSW*  
       Now here is a breakdown of what I would like to do!

*Through various means find vintage milk white vases of various shapes but close to the same size.*
(Image from Gorgeous and Green)

*Fill the vases with blue hydrangeas*

*Embellish with a few white or blue long decorative feathers* 

      Or I could do the same concept with a tea pot instead of a vase.... Oh the possibilities!  

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