Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Go Green, Bride!

The Green Bride Guide by Kate L. Harrison is actually the second eco-friendly wedding guide I have cracked open. The other book I read in the fall called Eco-Chic Weddings by Emily Anderson. The book by Harrison was way more sufficient. Eco-Chic Weddings had a lot of ridiculous suggestions such as hemp dresses, etc. The Green Bride is organized on a scale based on price, which I find much more helpful since my wedding budget is extremely low. Some of her ideas are actually charming without being too extreme. She is an expert on environmental law and give a lot of useful information. Some of the things she had to say about toxins in detergents and synthetic fibers really made me think twice about the daily things in our life. Although my wedding will probably not be an event to make Green Peace proud, but there may be a few steps I can take to save our planet during my wedding.


  1. That sounds like a neat book...you have done a lot more "wedding" reading than I did. I wish I would have done more!

  2. Thanks for writing about the Green Bride Guide - I am glad you are enjoying the book. Every choice makes a difference - so don't worry about Green Peace! :)

    I would love it if you would be willing to add your thoughts to Amazon or B&N - I think your review would be helpful to others.

    All the best and congratulations,