Thursday, 3 June 2010

What's Your Wedding Style?

For the past week I have slacked due to the fact that I have been reading a book that less than thrilled me. The title is What's Your Bridal Style?by Sharon Naylor and Casey Cooper. When I view the must have lists of wedding books Sharon Naylor's dozens of titles always appear. I bought this small book on amazon for a ridiculously cheap price, and I am glad that I did not spend more than four dollars to get it. It is advertised almost a book full of quizzes in order to jump start wedding planning. Since obtaining my first copy of Teen magazine, I have loved taking quizzes and years down the road in college I would be the first to repost a myspace questionnaire.

However, this book did not contain one quiz for a brides enjoyment. Instead there are chapters broken down by theme, such as wedding cake, ceremony, etc. Most of these chapters contain questions to discuss with your groom. The groom I am marrying does not have interest in questions such as "Describe your favorite work suit. What color is it? Fabric?" The book also tries to pigeon hole brides into about six different categories such as traditional, city-chic, exotic, romantic, and other adjectives. I feel like most of these categories did not apply to me as a bride.

Is it possible I have progressed further in the development of my wedding than I realized? As a result, I believe buying two trendy wedding magazines would be a much better investment in order to get the matrimonial creative juices flowing. One last gripe, budget is not really a theme at all in this book making some of the suggestions made seem silly for someone with a budget as low as mine. For Stephanie Naylor's other books I am reserving judgement till I can try out some more.

Buying this book was silly in hindsight since what little girl has not been planning her wedding since she was ten years old?

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