Monday, 3 January 2011

For all my friends that struggle to be domestic

Over the past two weeks I have had an unusual amount of time off even for the holidays. I spent some of it reading
book I owned by Amy Sedaris. (One I received for Christmas thanks fiance!) Both of her books are her point of view on crafts
and entertaining. I Like You is a collection of hints, tips, parties, and recipes, while Simple Times is a craft book.
I really appreciate Amy's humor as she spins tails about parties past. Some of her recipes even look tasty. However,
almost none of her crafts are very attractive to someone who follows the Etsy trends like I do. There is a lot of yarn,
felt, and popsicle sticks. However, Simple Times is still hilarious, and anyone looking for entertainment and crafts for
random crafts sake will enjoy it.

I have begun my own crafting in a space I finally have sent up, and have all my supplies out of rubbermaid
containers. For my Girl Scout troop this Christmas I gave each girl an album I made out of brown paper bags. I plan on making
most birthday gifts, and shower gifts this year myself. There may even be a little of whatever creativity I have at my wedding in
some of the favors and decor. Sadly, today will end my long holiday stretch, and it is back to work tomorrow.

*My Paper bag Albums*

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