Saturday, 29 January 2011

Tea vs Coffee..

*Bianca and Me at the 2008 Air Show enjoying our coffee*

I finished reading The Ultimate Tea Diet. My feelings about the book are a mixed bag. The author has some valid points:
  • A tasty tea is a good replacement for bad craving such as junk food and candy.
  • Eat a well balanced diet, and begin exercising. (Like we have not heard that before.)
  • Only drink tea you actually like in the form you like it whether hot or cold.
This particular author began his tea shop after going through a midlife slump after a divorce. He basically replaced his thirteen cups of coffee a day with tea. Neither of those beverages are good in that amount. Dr. Tea is very negative towards coffee, which I must say I love over tea. He believes that coffee in years will become what cigarette's are today, considered dangerous to our health. I have to disagree.

When I was five years old I would go visiting with my great grandmother, and when they had coffee they would give me a little cup. Although then it was more condensed milk and sugar it was the beginning. In high school, I would always stop by gas stations and get the "cappuccino" out of the machine. I loved the specialty coffee drinks I would get for the Starbucks on USM's campus in the library. Between graduation from USM and going to Scotland I worked at Nezaty's Coffee Shop in the mall. There I learned how to pull a good shot, and create some truly unique combos. (Green Tea Chai Frap with soy and white chocolate!) Coffee and tea jointly got me through my many night writing on my dissertation. Overseas, I tried coffee in five different countries along the way. Italy and Croatia were the most enjoyable with there stand up espresso bars with the morning crowds and the "shot" was so smooth you would drink it right there at the bar and go on with your day. I worked at Books-A-Million for almost a year making coffee for customers, and still continue entertain my dreams of opening a coffee shop as I enjoy my two cups a day.

Coffee has some good benefits and positive studies behind it just like tea. It can help prevent Alzheimer's disease in women, colon cancer, and adds to the quality of life. Needless to say, I will not be embarking on The Ultimate Tea Diet, but I may be trying some of the crazy tea he has listed on his website: Who wouldn't want to try tea flavor's such as Tiramisu, S'Mores, and Mango. However, I will always love a good cup of Earl Grey.

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