Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Tea Diet!

I received this requested book from the library today. I glanced at it years ago in the bookstore, but have not revisited it until my sudden urge for a new diet. I managed to lose a pants size this past year. It would be fantastic to be few sizes smaller for wedding pictures. My biggest challenge is my lack of self motivation. If I am hungry, I generally eat what I want. Edward has to hear me whine if I am tired after a day of work, and do not want to go walk our normal three miles.

I read the introduction so far in The Ultimate Tea Diet, and hope I can get some good leads on a new system. The author "Dr. Tea" came up with his ideas for this book by entertaining questions from customers at his tea shop. He believes that tea is a great way to kick start a diet. He does not give instructions to starve yourself and not exercise, or so the book claims. If I find this book helpful, I will certainly share.

In other news, I am currently working on creating my wedding website through www.theknot.com. More to come on that later as well.

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