Friday, 8 July 2011

Matched... or rather hooked...

             Let me me begin this book review saying that my favorite read in middle school was Lois Lowry's The Giver.  So when I saw that Matched by Ally Condie in the blogosphere was described by comparing it to The Giver I had to read it.  I am very happy that I put it to the front of my reading list!  It turned out to be a more adult type of version compared to my middle school read.  Condie creates a society where every person is dictated by the choices made for them by the government.  People are only allowed to enjoy a hundred different types of songs, books, poems, etc. Everyone in the society has to die by the age of eighty no matter what their physical state, and their jobs are chosen for them as well.  The most significant moment of a seventeen year olds life is their matching ceremony where they are given the person they will marry at the age of twenty.  This person is chosen by a formula known as a matching system.

           This story follows the adventures of Cassia after she discovers here match is her childhood best friend, which proves to be an unusual circumstance.  However, the day after her matching ceremony she goes to view a data card with her matches information only to have the picture of another childhood friend flash on the screen.  Despite being warned that this is just a glitch in the system, the incident along with the death of her grandfather sets the plot spiraling into motion.  Cassia soon begins to question if the society really has everything all figured out while she falls in love with both of her matches.  Even though the second one is forbidden to be with her.  

          I completed this book within twenty-four hours of reading it, and am excited for the second installment set to come out in November.  Condie really was able to create a lot of drama within in the confines of the societies restrictions.  She also did not do too bad with the love story.  My favorite thing about Matched is that it gave me a lot of food for thought such as books like Scott Westerfield's Uglies series.   

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  1. Oh! I'm going to have to read this. Sounds good!!