Sunday, 17 July 2011

Two Weekends Worth of Randomness

       These past two weekends have been the busiest of the entire Summer.  Not only during the week have we been unpacking and getting ready to open the library, but I am also balancing wedding stuff.  Last weekend a group of us went to the Festival of San Fermin in New Orleans instead of Pamplona Spain!  The "bulls" are actually Roller Girls with horned helmets and whiffle bats.  The run kicked off at eight am in front of Ernst Cafe off of Magazine Street.  We had all had a great time enjoying the spectacle of the Big Easy event.  There were plenty to be seen!  We saw Elvis look alike on scooters, matadors, and a sea of white with red.  Here are some very moments of the event.

*Gathering Bright and Early*

*Empanada Truck!*

*Opening Parade*

*Effigy of Pope or San Fermin* 

*All the crowds*  

*Balcony of Ernst Cafe* 

*Edward, Leah, and I having fun*

*Release the bulls!*

*She smacked me a few good times*  

*Some Austin Roller Girls we met*

*Enjoying the Spectacle*  

*D.J. and Edward Chilling out at the truck*

*Some more "Bulls"*

*Notice anything off in this picture?*

*Leah and D.J. as the day heated up*

*Fish and Shrimp Tacos!*

*Edward and I towards the day*

     I ended out last Saturday going to Ship Island with Leah and her Aunts.  It was for an evening reenactments at Fort Massachusetts in order to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the only resistance the fort ever experienced.  It was lovely to watch the sun set on the island.  

        Yesterday I went to pick up my altered wedding dress at Victorian Lace, Timeless Bride on Government Street in Mobile, Alabama. I am excited about how the dress turned out, and cannot wait to schedule my bridal portraits! After lunch, we went to an antique shop and then to the flea market off of Schillinger Road.  There are some very random things there.  

Here are some random things I found yesterday... 
  1. Butt Implants for your underwear
  2. A little gray kitten for sale for five dollars
  3. A crafted wood bed with camouflage bedding  
Today I am just enjoying the couch and the rain.  Maybe there will be more adventures next weekend....

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  1. We live super close to the flea market :) and yes, you can find some SUPER interesting things there (and people)!