Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Buzzin' Bee Cake Tasting

*Cupcakes of our possible wedding cake!*
           Edward and I went to a cake tasting last Thursday for Buzzin' Bee Cakes in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  They have a store front around the corner from Ocean Springs Middle School.  For a few months, I contemplated possible bakers for my wedding cake.  Obviously, being the Baking Bunny that I am has made me take the cake selection very seriously.  Several friends had recommended these ladies.  However, it was not until I tried some of their mini-cakes at the Peter Anderson Festival did I think they may be the right match for me.  Having a delicious cake is my priority, not an abstract work of art.

            Our appointment was very easy going and fun!  We chatted about the details while we got a copy of everything we discussed right there.  We chose to try three different types of cakes.

  1. Italian Cream Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting
  2. Traditional Wedding Cake (Almond flavored) with Strawberry Filling 
  3. Traditional Wedding Cake (Almond flavored) with Pineapple Filling

*Digging into the first cupcake*

      All three were delicious.  I was surprised to find the Italian Cream Cake had coconut and nuts baked in the cake.  I have had a different type of cake called Italian Cream without nuts.  The consistency of the traditional cake was almost like a angel cake.  (YUM!)  I am excited about the combination we came up with which I am going to leave as a surprise for all those out there.  Cake tasting may be the best aspect of wedding planning.  

*The End*

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