Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Something Borrowed Book to Movie Review

         A few weeks ago, I downloaded and read Something Borrowed on my Nook.  This makes my fifth book in my eBook Challenge.  I have avoided reading it because the plot is about the maid of honor cheating with her best friend's groom.  Every list I have looked up for popular "chick lit" has Something Borrowed as a top pick.  Really reading it makes me realize it is a solid example of the genre in its modern state.  The first chapter jump starts the book with a wild drunk fling between the relatable main character Rachel and the hunky Dex.  The rest of the book is a lot of self-reflection, memories of Rachel's friendship, and the cat/mouse game.  It was a quick fun read with a layer of predictability suitable for chick lit.

         Now the movie......

       With my Maid of Honor, I caught the five dollar movie of Something Borrowed on Tuesday.  I enjoyed the movie for a fun girly movie.  As far as my rating for the the book to movie conversion, it is quiet low.  They kept the integrity of the story for the most part.  Shifts were made in the roles of the characters, and their personalities that I felt were unnecessary.  They also added plot elements that came from nowhere.  I wonder how many producers nowadays even care about the initial validity of the book.    I would suggest for everyone out there to read the book, watch the movie, and draw your own conclusion.  Has anyone else already done that and have their own ideas to share?


  1. I HATE it when a movie ruins a good book. One of my biggest pet Peeves. I do believe I am one of the only people alive that feels the exact same way about Gone With The Wind.
    Loved the book
    Have yet to get through the movie

  2. I liked them both so much that I am choosing not to compare. ;)

  3. my great great aunt wrote Gone with the Wind by the way Elsie. I love both the movie and the book. Fantastic.