Sunday, 27 March 2011

Hometown Tourist

* Pub Quiz at The Grocery*

          My posts this past week have been infrequent because of a visit from some very special guests.  The friends I met at the University of Edinburgh flew down South to visit.  We all met through a set of random circumstances in Scotland, and have not seen each other since in over two years.  Throughout their week visit we did things I both normally do and do not do as well.  Crawfish, a boat ride, The Shed, and many more fun Gulf Coast activities were on the agenda.  We also went to New Orleans for a few nights where we got to take the "Haunted New Orleans" Tour as well as all the other fun tourist activities.  One thing we did that I had not done was visit some of the local cemeteries including St. Louis No. 1 and Lafayette No. 1 in the Garden District.  We even left an offering at the Marie Laveau tomb which was also a first for me.

          It was also special to actually discuss our book club selection and pick a new one in person.  We discussed The Moviegoer at Cafe Du Monde over beignets.  Spending a week with my friends that love history, reading, and SYTYCD as much as I do was such a fantastic way to spend my week off.  Now next year we will begin planning a new adventure.  In other news I have begun reading the third book in the eBook Challenge called Wicked Lovely by Melissa Marr another popular YA selection.  

* How much we all liked Cafe Du Monde* 


  1. It sounds like you had a lovely vacation! What book did you pick for your book club?

  2. That's a terrible picture of me...haha

  3. du monde. we are going down to new orleans when my husband's parents come visit us next month. i can taste the beignets now!!