Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Bridesmaid Tribute

      I love these ladies so much!  It makes me so happy they will be with me on my special day.

*Leah and I at the Mockingbird Cafe*

         Leah is my Maid of Honor, and I would entrust the running of a country to her.  We met when we were both in High School as Sea Camp counselor aids.  After graduation, we both attended Southern Miss.  Before one fall semester we both loaded up in my Jeep for a day trip to H’Burg in order to get a head start on campus errands.  We ended up bonding over the Starbucks in the library and have been best friends ever since.  So much has happened since those Caramel Macchiatos!  Leah is now a grad student studying Marine Biology on the coast.  Books that remind me of Leah are fun and flirty chick lit novels with lovable protagonists such as The Queen of Babble. 

*Linda and I at Tsunami's Sushi Restaurant*

        Linda lived next door to me in my freshman dorm Bolton Hall at Southern Miss.  We also sat next to each other in a college algebra class for a month before realizing that the person living next door was the same person sitting next to them in class.  We kept each other company during many procrastination marathons in school, and lived together off campus for a summer.  Linda is a friend that I can always depend on to go along with any hair-brained scheme I imagine.  Although one of her favorite series is Meg Cabot’s The Princess Diaries, I would say if she were a book it would be a book more like The Devil Wear’s Prada where a good hearted girl triumphs over some force of evil. 

*Tabitha and I in Venice, Italy*

       We also affectionately call her Taba-thug.  I met Tabitha when she was appointed my mentor in the Luckyday Program.  In order for us to contact one another, we played the longest game of phone tag that I think will result in a longer friendship.  Traveling, reading, and school are our shared loves.  We have been to Colorado, New York City, and even Italy together!  She now is working on her Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of South Carolina and I miss her like crazy.  Tabitha’s book would be a woman’s travel adventure through several continents like Eat, Pray, Love.

*Ashlei, Holly, and I at Ashlei's Eighties Birthday Party*

      Holly is my twenty-two year old little sister.  (Although I cannot believe she is that old!)  She plays softball at McNeese State in Louisiana, but we text often.  When she calls and asks me advice for a good book I am the proudest!  Unlike, me she is tougher and is a great athlete.  Holly would be an action adventure novel with a badass female spy as the lead character. 

      Ashlei is my cousin and my oldest friend.  We grew up a short walk through the woods from one another.  We both read a lot and have the same stories growing up.  Since I moved home we have reconnected, and I can count on her too keep me straight when the world gets crazy.   Ashlei would be an epic historical romance novel, but definitely not the cheesy kind.  

In other news three of my favorite ex-patriot buddies will be in Mississippi in fifteen days!  I feel like a little bit of Edinburgh is coming to my hometown.  Can't wait for them to get here.  


  1. Cute post! I like that you chose a book genre for each of your bridesmaids.

  2. Yay!!! This was a great post and I can't wait to have a little Edinburgh back in our lives!!!!!