Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Some Fantastic Ideas I May or May Not Use

          These are the latest fruits of my brainstorming and internet searching.  May be more to come in the later weeks as I read my newest edition of Martha Stewart Weddings that came in this week!

 *Clever and small centerpiece from Everyday Celebrating*

* This is an adorable coffee bar presentation!  The pictures are also fantastic at this website*  The Redding House has a perfect little nook upstairs for a cute coffee bar!

*I like the idea of having a customized embosser to use for invitations instead of using address labels*  This one celebrates my French roots.  

*These cookies would be a unique and tasty treat for my guest*

     In other news, my friends from Edinburgh will be here in less than two days!  Blogging may be sparse as the shenanigan's ensues.  


  1. I love the feather, flower, coffee cup idea! I have 3 big blue feathers just like that!

  2. I love love LOOOVE errthn. Hope ul post pics of the wedding.

    I'm a follower btw :)

    Hope ul follow me too