Monday, 25 April 2011

Books turned into Movies! I am excited to see!

        I am excited to be coming out of a movie dry period.  Throughout my life I have gone in and out of phases where I go out to the movies.  With all the wonderful books being turned into movies within the next year I will have plenty of movie dates to make.  Often we can be found at the Grand 18 in D'Iberville on five dollar movie nights which is on Tuesdays.  All movies, even new releases, are five dollars!  Now if only they would discount the snacks.  Here is a list of movies I will see this year!

Movie that I need to read the book first:

          The Emily Giffin novel is the top of every chick lit list.  I have avoided reading it because I believe the plot involves a woman in love with her best friends fiance.  However, it has many good reviews and I may bite the bullet and download it sometime soon.  

Longest Awaited

        This one goes without saying.  Only a few months more to wait!

Local Author Favorite

        The Help by Katherine Stockett is an amazing novel about friendship and overcoming prejudice.  It is written by a Jackson, Mississippi native, and was on the best seller list for months last year.  I listened to the audiobook that sucked me in for several days.  I hope the accents are just as good.  

Seeing it this Week

            I read Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen last year, and was sucked into the romantic and whimsical nature of the writing.  Reese Witherspoon and Robert Pattinson are good casting choices for the main characters.  

Number one most anticipated book to movie adaptation

            The Hunger Games trilogy is my newest obsession.  It is a post apocalyptic YA novel about a group of children selected to go into an arena for a fight to the death.  I promise you that it is by far way better than Twilight, and I am sure that it is the next big thing.  Casting for the movie set for 2012 release has begun to being announced, and I look forward to that opening night the most.  

What movies are you looking most forward to being released this year?


  1. Agreed on all of the above!!

  2. Hello! I love, love, love this post!! I usually never read a book AFTER the movie...but I do like to see movies after I have read the book. And there are SO MANY good ones coming out! My best friend and I were just chatting about this a couple of weeks ago. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!