Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Wedding Wednesdays: Some Invitation Love


       Over my long weekend, I finished Wedding Invitations by Jennifer Cegielski.  It was a very quick read that covered all aspects of invitations including ink, paper, envelopes, etc.  There is also some beautiful photography included as well as tidbits about additional stationary needed for a ceremony.  I could just ignore that since I have never been to a wedding with place cards nor do I plan to include them in mine.  The appendix in the back is fantastic since it include different wording methods as well as hints on addressing.  Can Emily Post really teach us how to address the scores of guests who are cohabiting and not married like they would have been thirty years ago?  What about same sex couples?  Luckily, the appendix has a few hints!  

      In the spirit of finishing the book, I have included some of my favorite invitations from Etsy.  

There is something sweet and unique about these invitations created by Hoopity

This classy letter pressed invitation would be great in blue and honors my French roots  

This is so whimsical by Onereverie

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  1. Love Love Love the fluer de lis invites!!!! Very classy!