Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Of All the Little Things... Alternative Boutonnieres

         When we first got engaged, I worried about the where, when, how many people, and my colors first. Now all the little details are hitting me at once.  Should we do personalized napkins?  What shoes am I wearing? (I ordered some!)  This morning my MOH sent me a super cute idea for boutonnieres from Etsy.  This has launched me into a search of the other cute boutonnieres, and this is what I found....

*This blue babe was made by LaPlumeEthere*

*A Little Girly but still cute by Justanns

*I think this would be super cute with a little white puff and blue feather by ForeverDarlingShop*

*May it is the crafter in me but this a great use of felt and buttons by ThinkFastDesigns*

*Simple and sweet by Amanda 1986*

        Now it is time to stop procrastinating and find invitations!  

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