Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Wedding Feng Shui from the Rat Point of View

        At the Pass Christian Library, I picked up a copy of Wedding Feng Shui: The Chinese Horoscopes Guide to Planning Your Wedding by Laura Lau and Theodora Lau.  I was surprised to discover it read much like the zodiac books I would buy at the grocery store when I went through my mystical phase in middle school.  However, I found it to be  good thing since I grown tired of wedding "how to" books.  Each chapter is dedicated to a different sign of the Chinese zodiac, which goes by the year you are born instead of the month.

        I was born in the year of the Rat, and the book labels me as an "initiator bride" indicating the self starting nature of the Rat due to its placement as first in the zodiac.  It also matched my personality with my traditional zodiac sign (Leo), my personality with Edward's Chinese sign (Ox), and that of my bridesmaids.  The color for the sign is blue, and I found that fitting.  In honor of that I posted a few lovely blue wedding things from Etsy as well as some tidbits about me from the book.

*Beautiful Hairpieces by Sophineglam*

         "No surprise, your wedding is a welcome challenge for you.  And not only will it be beautiful, but you'll be asked about your creative additions and amazing finds.  You like to be original." Wedding Feng Shui page 51

*This is a favorite necklace by Ambersky*

       "The Leo rat also enjoys the thrill of the hunt.  You love getting a good deal and will do the legwork necessary to make it happen." Wedding Feng Shui page 56.

*DivineJewel created a necklace that is stunning*

         "He loves being fussed over and admired by you, and you take comfort in his calm and stable nature." Wedding Feng Shui on the Rat/Ox union page 58

*These could be really cute by Craftymooncrab*

             My bridesmaids are an interesting combination of zodiac signs and personalities.  The signs represented in my bridal party are another Rat (Tabitha), Ox (Linda), Tiger (Leah), Boar (Ashlei), and the Snake (Holly).  The book gave me a fun look at how our personalities should combine in wedding planning.  Some of it is accurate, and some made me laugh.  I do suggest the book for my other bride friends!  

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