Sunday, 6 February 2011

Paul's King Cake and the Good Life

* Our yummy Paul's King Cakes*

Yesterday, Edward and I made a morning trip to Picayune, Mississippi. Though it was not the main intent of our mission, stopping by Paul's Bakery was a big motivation. Paul's advertises themselves as the authentic king cake bakery. They are really good, and my favorite thing is the unique fillings and flavors. We picked up a strawberry with cream cheese, and pecan praline yesterday. The Mississippi Mud is also a favorite of mine. The store was super crowded when Edward and I walked in yesterday around eleven. They had four big displays in the middle of the store with king cakes stacked every direction. Then a cart with four shelves about six feet tall filled with king cakes was rolled out. The check out line was just as crowded. Tonight while watching the Superbowl, Edward and I were reminded how they still bake the baby in the cake. Edawrd found the baby in his slice as fate would have it. Guess he owes me the next king cake. I won't make him go to Picayune however, Rouses or Sweet Stuff would do just fine.

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