Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Cake~ The Best of the Wedding Experience

This is some cake inspiration I discovered on The Knot. I am to a point where I am about to schedule cake tastings. I know there will be no fondant involved! I am hoping to find a bakery on the coast that can do a cake that is a crowd pleaser, but a little different. Italian Cream with buttercream has been on my mind. The wedding experience for me, when I am a guest, is centered around the taste of the wedding cake. All too often it is dry! So that will be my goal in a baker, someone with a nice product that tastes great. Speaking of bakers, once I get through Girl Scout cookies I hope to get back to baking. My Kitchen Aid Mixer is getting lonely!

* I have to love the words!*

*Cupcakes are so clever*


*Blue is the thing*

*Petit Fours in the shape of mini cakes!*

*This is so classy*

*Hydrangeas and a classy ribbon look great to me*

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