Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Wedding Wednesday: Book Review

The book The DIY Wedding; Celebrate Your Day Your Way by Kelly Bare has been an informative read in my wedding planning process. Since my engagement, I have read dozens of wedding planning books. They sound the same very quickly, and this book turned out to be a little different. My only negative comment with the book is she tried to cover too many topics very quickly resulting in skimmed chapters. Her chapter on favors was slim for the wide variety of options out their as a "do it yourself" opportunity. She made up for this in her precision in only putting very good and relevant information in her book.

She really had me with this quite in her "Attire" chapter....

"Wedding shoes can be downright heinous-clunky, poorly made-and the pretty ones are insanely overpriced. And because most people don't wear white shoes in everyday life, there aren't a lot of options outside of the wedding shoe-ghetto. Or are there?"

I loved it! She really spoke to me in those few lines. My plan is to find the sexiest blue pumps and sport them with my T-length dress. I also plan on having no time lapse between the ceremony and reception which she also suggests in her book. There are no picture diagrams, and on a few "do it yourself" projects. However, this is certainly high on my list about useful wedding books. If only she could break up each chapter into a book within itself. I am sure brides would buy the whole box set.

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